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Main.SamanBehnam 09 Sep 2019 Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, M. D. Pioneer mold researcher. He discovered biotoxin illness that is caused by chronic inflammation response ...
Main.SamanBehnam 09 Sep 2019 Erik Johnson, is the father of mold avoidance and a pioneer in the field of toxic mold illness. After noticing the effects of non vis...
Food What can you eat while doing mold avoidance? Vitacost Granola bars farms organic chewy granola bars sweet salty peanut pre...
Main.ChristaUpton 08 Jan 2020 Food Myths Evidence for a specific diet to heal from mold is very limited. Many have healed with quite varied diets. Our recommendat...
binder: A binder or mycotoxin binder is a substance that binds to mycotoxins and other toxins and prevents them from recirculating through the blood stream. CIRS:...
Main.SamanBehnam 09 Sep 2019 God forsaken desert (GFD) is a term coined by aviodance pioneer Erik Johnson. Living in remote locations, mostly deserts, that still ...
Hell Toxin (HT) HT is described in A Beginner's Guide To Mold Avoidance. Here are some descriptions from those who have encountered it: From varied people's expe...
Internet and Remote Jobs How to get internet while doing mold avoidance 2A t=896s
How to do laundry as a mold avoider? "We use a big stainless steel cooking pot. That's our only gear. For a family of five. "NEVER use laundromats!" "Washing...
Masks and Respirators Which type of respirator or mask should you use? Any form of mask or respirator is not appropriate for mold. You are not protected from myc...
Mold Testing Should you test a house for mold? Most tests do not detect all the deadly molds out there. ERMI, HERTSMI, and other tests don't test for MT (Mystery...
Main.SamanBehnam 09 Sep 2019 Hello guest! Welcome to mold wiki!
Moldicides Should you use Concrobium? EM1? MDF 500? Benefect? Moldicides are completely unhelpful and likely counter productive to extreme mold avoidance. They'r...
Myths of Mold Avoidance You must camp in the desert False. It's not necessary to go to the desert People have healed in humid climates, tropical locations, fores...
What is the November Effect? The November Effect or November Factor was named by Dr. David S. Bell and his receptionist, Jean Pollard of the Lyndonville outbreak....
Main.SamanBehnam 24 Sep 2019 Welcome mold avoider outliers!
Ozone Machines Should you use an ozone machine in a building, a vehicle, an RV or other space? Different people will give you different answers. For some, ozonin...
Main.SamanBehnam 27 Sep 2019
Main.SamanBehnam 24 Sep 2019
Remediation Should you remediate your home? Remediation is not part of Erik style avoidance. Many people have become sick or declined from a bad remediation. Kil...
RVs I. Purchasing an RV A. Classes of RVs (This is just a general overview of the types of RVs so you know what you are talking about when you go in to look at ...
What is a sabbatical? A sabbatical is when you go to a clear location and spend about two weeks there. During this time your body should start to clear up symptom...
Main.SamanBehnam 09 Sep 2019 Sites that claim being scientific with no public person or party behind!
Main.SamanBehnam 09 Oct 2019 As of October 2019 this is the status on tents. OZARK 6 SLEEP, DARK REST TENT I have MCS and it worsens with mold. The tent is very w...
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