Masking and Unmasking

Think of your body as a glass of water. When you're in good air, the water is crystal clear. Now pretend that toxins, especially the sensitizing supertoxins are drops of ink. At a certain point, when too much ink has been added to the water (ie: you have been exposed to those toxins), your glass of water becomes murky. If you add another drop of ink to a glass of murky water, you won't really notice it. The water is already dark.

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This is the phenomenon of being masked.

Your body kind of shuts down when you're living in a toxic environment. You don't really feel the toxic hits. You may feel ongoing, disabling symptoms, but there isn't an obvious connection between a mold hit and a specific symptom. You're living in the dark, so to speak.

Unmasking is when you go to a clear location and that glass of water starts to clear out. The water become clear enough that if you then reintroduce a drop of ink, you notice it! In the real world, this means that when you enter a bad building, go to a bad location, or use a contaminated object, you feel a specific set of body reactions. When you are unmasked, your body gives much more obvious signals that you're being exposed.

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This is why a sabbatical is so important and why it's the first step. The purpose of a sabbatical is to unmask. Then you can begin to learn how to listen to your body and navigate away from badness.
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