A binder or mycotoxin binder is a substance that binds to mycotoxins and other toxins and prevents them from recirculating through the blood stream.

CIRS: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
A term coined by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker to describe mold illness.

clear / to get clear
Spending time in a location with little to no mycotoxins so the body has a chance to unmask and detox.

CSM: cholestyramine
A drug typically used to lower cholesterol, but that some people also use as a binder.

EMF: electromagnetic field
An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by moving electrically charged objects.

FRAT: Fire Retardant Associated Toxin
A type of toxin found in areas that have been treated with fire retardants and often present where there was once a forest fire.

HT: Hell Toxin, Hell Fire Toxin
A type of supertoxin that often causes a burning and/or prickling sensation on the skin. It's known for being very difficult to decontaminate and often accompanies electronic devices, expecially Apple products like the MacBook Pro and iPhone.

mask / unmask
Masking is a term used to describe how the body has become so used to being around toxins that it no longer responds with obvious symptoms. A good analogy to describe this phenomenon is a bucket of water. Your body in a clear state is like a clean bucket of water. Toxins are represented by a drop of ink. If your bucket of water is full of ink and murky, then one more drop won't make a difference. This is being masked. However, if the bucket of water is clear and you're unmasked, one drop of ink will create obvious symptoms. The way to unmask is to do a mold sabbatical.

MCS: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
A condition where the person affected is hypersensitive to chemicals and petrochemicals, such as chemical cleaning products, fragrances, and building materials.

MT: Mystery Toxin
A type of supertoxin, mostly found outdoors and especially near sewage or compost.

sabbatical / mold sabbatical
A period of about two weeks spent in a pristine location and with no moldy belongings in order to give the body a chance to unmask. A sabbatical is the first step to determining whether or not you have mold illness. After a sabbatical, entering moldy locations will likely produce symptoms.
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